Heather Jordan Cartwright

The citizens’ choice to represent Mercer Island

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Your voice. It’s one of the most important contributions you have in our local government.

I want to make sure it’s heard.


Mercer Island is an undeniably special place. Whether it’s the special fabric of our community, volunteering and support for our award-winning schools, access to acres of natural, wooded parks and ball fields, or proximity to world class employers, museums, and culture, we all love our island. It persists as an amazing neighborhood in large part, because of the time and resources you and others in the community have invested.  


Positioning Mercer Island for a successful future includes your input.  As our region grows, we need leadership that will balance the region’s evolution with the needs of the Mercer Island community. Bringing our island together, with multiple inputs, enables better decision making, collaboration, and positive outcomes. Like you, I love living on Mercer Island. I’m running for City Council Position #5 because I want to focus our city priorities to align with what’s important to our citizens and ensure Mercer Island is set up for a sustainable and positive future.


What I’ll prioritize first:

·       Financial Sustainability:  Gaining control of our city budget enables us to plan efficiently for our future. I want to ensure we’re planning for long-term infrastructure needs to protecting essential services like clean water and public safety, and maintenance of our assets like our docks and parks. Sustainability also requires us to look at our spending. Like we all do in our own budgets at home, our city budget should be looking for ways do things more efficiently too, identifying innovation and process improvements to ensure citizen tax dollars are spent as efficiently as possible. With 26 years of experience running efficient business operations at Ford Motor Company, Amazon, and Microsoft, I’m ready to contribute that skillset to help put our city budget on track.


·       Regional Planning and Mobility: Our city council must ensure that Mercer Island’s mobility and access is not compromised as the region grows.  The desirability of Mercer Island and proximity to major metropolitan areas will be moot if our city roads are at maximum capacity or our access to mass transit and I-90 on-ramps and off-ramps is restricted by congestion.  On city council, I will insist on collaborative transportation solutions that make sense for Mercer Islanders.


·       Public Safety: Islanders are blessed to live in a community where our neighborhoods are protected by dedicated services and amazing support from our police, fire, and community teams. With regional transportation changes in the last several years and the onset of light rail, citizens are concerned about the impact. Protecting public safety means our city council should be proactively asking questions for any project that changes the dynamics of our town center, our parks and schools, and our transportation.  You’ll see me as a strong advocate and influencer on city council that understands the unique fabric of our schools and suburban community, and is committed to preserving the safety and security we value. 


·       Communication and transparency: City data and decision making input should be easy to find and understand. You should know where your tax dollars are going and what is being prioritized.  Mercer Island continues to deliver an amazing level of service to our citizens, but as we make decisions that impact city services, citizen input is essential to good decision making.   I want to ensure our citizens are receiving communication from the city that is clear and concise, has accurate data, and educates and informs citizens of the choices we have. This is essential to build trust in our city governance.


   I’m Heather Cartwright and I ask for your vote for City Council, Position #5 on November 5th.


“Having worked closely with Heather for many years, I can attest she is a smart, creative, hard-working problem solver with fresh ideas.  She cares deeply about our community, our schools, and fixing our city’s financial problems.  I know that Heather will do an amazing job on the City Council. “

-Kathy Moffett McDonald, Mercer Island Community Volunteer and Lifelong MI Resident

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Make your voice heard on November 5th.